The contract signing ceremony for the construction of CERAD

The contract signing ceremony for the construction of CERAD

On 12 December 2017, at the headquarters of the National Center for Nuclear Research in Świerk, a contract was signed between the Investor: NCBJ and the General Contractor, - the company CP OK2, belonging to the Control Process capital group.

The signed contract concerns the implementation of the investment under the name: Center for Design and Synthesis of CERAD Molecularly Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals.

From the National Center for Nuclear Research, the signatures were submitted by: NCBJ director prof. Krzysztof Kurek, director of NCBJ OR POLATOM dr inż. Dariusz Socha; and from the site of the Contractor - Vice President of CP OK2 Mr. Tomasz Wiatr.

The investment, worth over PLN 117 million, includes the construction of a building with a total surface area of more than 2,500 m², including internal installations and technical infrastructure. The planned project also provides for the delivery and installation of a cyclotron and laboratory equipment. The investment is aimed at expanding the scope of works carried out in the center consisting in the radioactive isotopes being used in the form of radioactive sources (including the production of radiopharmaceuticals) with a wide range of applications in medicine.

The commencement of work on such an important project for NCBJ is planned for April 2017, while completion of the investment is planned for the end of 2020.