Corporate social responsibility

Measuring business success cannot be only based on financial results and the market position.

Control Process S.A. company is involved in supporting local communities, focusing particularly on giving possibilities for physical activity development by the sponsorship of sport initiatives. Our company since a long time has been one of the main sponsors of sport clubs and organizations, funding various fields of sport – football, speedway racing, handball and basketball. Apart from supporting sport activities, Control Process is also a benefactor of social, cultural and charitable initatives. Great part of such actions is conducted without publicity and with a respect for anonymity of the needy. Due to standardized character of activities it is worth mentioning that Control Process S.A was nominated as the official charity partner ‘’Kromka Chleba Charity  Foundation’’ in construction of Hospice ‘Via Spei’ in Tarnów.

CP is directed at people who are the real value of each type of business organizations. Providing conditions for personal progress by facilitating the access to education at higher education institutions, enhancing qualifications by participation in training courses with the provision of comfortable work conditions. The company enables professional career development for its employees. Beyond issues concerning career, we do care about the work atmosphere. We organize free time for our employees in the form of sport activities, excurisons, integration meetings.

Caring about environment is entered in the business pattern which is conducted by Control Process S.A. since the very beginning of its functioning. The respect of natural resources has always been a special criterion for the company both in selection of implemented technologies and subcontractor qualifications. It is crucial due to great company’s involvement in pivotal for environment branches of industry which are: extraction, transport and storage of gas and oil.